May 14, 2011


Without you , im nothing , im lost . I love you damn muchhhh sayangg too much <3 . You are my soul , my heart , my everything ! Yeah i wish too , that we will always together <3 , forever and ever . I will spend my life and every single minute for you strawberyyyy , Muhd Danial Hariz ♥

Biy , i suke time you kejut kan i . " Selamat pagi cinta , bangon sekolah ucuk" i love it ! i love the way you hug me , your smile , your laugh , you kiss me and whisper to my ear and say , ILOVEYOU baby . ohh , at that time , i felt like want to die . seriously ! how sweet you are when you bribe me some choclate . biy , you make me crazy like heaven ! i sweer to ALLAH that I LOVE YOU SO MUCH , i want to be your wife and mother to our babies . i want it ! i wish that , i want you to be the last for me . i don't want to lost you for the second time . please ALLAH , may you bless our relation until me and danial last breath ? every single minute , i will try to make our life and relation complete by spend time with you strawberry . this 5 words only for you , I LOVE YOU SO MUCH ♥